Friday, March 11, 2011

Combining Bikes with Metro

Heather Armstrong from Metro Motion TV reports on using a bike in combination with LA Metro light rail and subway services to commute greater distances more efficiently. In this segment we meet up in South Pasadena at the Mission station for a brief interview before I hopped on Metro Gold and Purple lines to make the trip home to Beverly Hills.

Using the train and subway is a great gap connector for bicyclists who want to extend their boundaries in a time efficient and cost effective manner. Certainly I am capable of riding the entire distance, but from a practical perspective it makes sense to take advantage of the available travel options, especially in rainy weather as shown in the video. The Metro expands my boundaries while the bicycle gives me independence and the freedom to easily explore broader areas on either end of the train.

Thanks to LA Metro for supporting bicycling as a viable mode of transportation. Enjoy the video, more importantly get out there and ride your bike LA.

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