Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Other Side of Bike Lanes Revealed

Video and commentary by Oikofugic Productions gives the cyclist's perspective on some recently installed bike lanes in New York City. I'm opposed to bike facilities that place cyclist's in more danger than they would face by simply riding in their rightful place on public roadways. Likewise, as the cyclist noted at 3:50 in the vid, motorists are inclined to wield more hostility and aggression towards cyclists who choose to avoid the hazards of the bike lane by riding in the normal traffic lanes. You be the judge, are bike lanes the panacea or an invitation for crashes?


  1. Horrendous! I would take a different street or the bus lane.

  2. Good video. I used to commute by bike on the streets of NYC when I lived there years ago, which was prior to Bloomberg's and JSK's magic. It was, well, pretty gritty--I didn't see too many other cyclists around (but then again, I was biking home many times well after midnight).

    After seeing this video, I would have serious reservations using that lane for commuting. For slower biking (i.e., weekend riding up to mid-town to see a show) it might have some redeemable benefits, but at moderate to higher speeds, those peds, taxis, and carpets in the lane would scare the heck out of me. Agree with Enci and the others in the video--take another route or just get out in the street. Does NY have one of those lame laws that require you to use the bike lane if there is one? That would suck.

  3. The lane, better yet Cycle-track with raised curb, should have been on the right-hand side.

    If Bjarne Riis goes for a bike-ride in Copenhagen, he does it either on the Cycle-track or in regular traffic, but his grandmother can still ride in and feel comfortable on the Cycle-track. And it is the Grannys and Kids whom we must appeal to in order to build support for a broader bicycle agenda.