Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What does cycling culture look like?

Could this be the future of Los Angeles? Check out this circa 1950's video from the Netherlands, the music is a bit dramatic but the images speak volumes on the applicability of bicycles for getting around, moving goods, and providing services. Notice people aren't wearing helmets and they don't appear to be frightened to death to include children in the mix; this is a good example of safety in numbers in action.


  1. Great historic film! For a look at the current-day bicycle culture in the Netherlands, you may want to see Bicycle Mania.

  2. This makes me even more nostalgic for days of old. How pleasant everyone seemed. Makes me teary eyed in contrast to road rage and other social dis-ease.

  3. One thing about American bike adovacates that is soooo irritating is they tend to focus so much on wearing a helmet. Rarely do they stop and think to shift the responsibilty on the deadly weapon, the car.