Monday, June 14, 2010

Sustainable Streets FREE 2010 WeHo Bike Ed schedule

Choose your dates, register with Ron, mark your calendar and join us in West Hollywood for an upcoming bike education class.


  1. Wow, this is incredible! I can't wait to sign up.

  2. Ron,

    Have you ever considered 'exporting' your two-part Bike Ed class series one time somewhere in the San Fernando Valley?

  3. ccarter,

    Sustainable Streets is working to build a transferable model that can be used by a stable of qualified instructors throughout the LA region, including the SF Valley.

    In the meantime, I'd be happy to come to the SF Valley to teach CCC. The primary issues are finding a suitable location (classroom for session 1 and vacant parking lot for session 2), and finding a sponsor so participants don't have to pay the normal course fee. I would be happy to discuss the possibility of holding a class in the valley, drop me an email with your contact info at and we can discuss this offline.